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I Just Bought 300 Chevy Silverados & I Don't Even Drive

Ahhh the Super Bowl commercial! A timeless tradition that America knows & loves....Right up there with Apple Pie & Semi-Charmed Life. There's obviously some all-time classics (I'm looking at you GoDaddy.com), though I'm not sure anything could top what went on last night with this Chevy Silverado commercial. The football was cool and all yet what happened during a break in the game sometime in the first half was life changing. It was truly the ultimate Leo in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood moment come to actual life when I saw the wonderful Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

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I mean it had it ALL! Woke up this morning to kick it off obviously, Jamie-Lynn rocking a Chevy Silverado just like our sweet boy James Gandolfini, and then to top it ALL off we had a brother/sister reunion at the end between Jamie-Lynn & Robert Iler. It was perfect. It was amazing. It was glorious. Easily on the Mount Rushmore of Super Bowl Commercials which has now led me to being a Chevy guy for life. I just leased 5,000 Chevy Silverados and I drive once a week. Don't even care.