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The Best Throw Of Matt Stafford’s Life Was This No Look Dime To Cooper Kupp Between Four Bengals Defenders During The Rams Game-Winning Drive

This isn’t a traditional, White Chocolate, behind-the-back, off-the-elbow bounce pass textbook definition of “no look” by any means. But Matthew Stafford was for sure NOT looking at Cooper Kupp when he let that ball go. Which was truly the key as to why he was even able to get this ball where it needed to be.


Vonn Bell broke so hard to converge on the tight end Stafford was staring down, opening up enough of a window to hit Kupp coming across the middle. This was that “window”

And this is what was waiting for Kupp after he got his hands on the ball

The entire Bengals’ defense was keyed in on Kupp the entire game, and then they ramped up that attention even more once Odell went out. Didn’t matter. Stafford and McVay got him the ball no matter what. Didn’t matter if four players were on him, didn’t matter if Eli Apple had him in single coverage for some reason, didn’t matter if Stafford was even looking at him, they got their best offensive player the ball. For such a complicated game, sometimes it really is just that simple.