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The Best Super Bowl Ad of the Night Called the Bills Mafia Barbarians and They Seem Fine With It

Generally speaking, the Super Bowl ad is another sacred American institution that is in decline. Maybe its fall is not coming with the speed of say, the collapse of network television or the implosion of our nudie mag industry, but it is becoming a shadow of its former glory. The star-studded hilarity of the Lite beer ads, the teary warmth of Mean Joe Greene tossing his jersey to a kid and the undeniable sex appeal of Cindy Crawford in Daisy Dukes have been slowly phased out in favor of impossibly perfect, inanely bland people driving electric pickups or selling cryptocurrency, plus movie trailers. Unless you really liked that Jerod Mayo one, which was cribbed directly from Terry Tate, Office Linebacker, proving the Mad Men business is officially all out of ideas. 

But there were bright spots. For instance, put Larry David in anything and it's going to work. The Seth Rogan/Paul Rudd one put part of the "40 Year Old Virgin" band back together, and I'm all for that. But the best one by far was this Avocados From Mexico spot. Without any celebrities at all it managed to be relevant, topical, and above all, funny. And very much on point, as calling Bills Mafia "Barbarians" is to shit on the NFL fan base that prides itself on being shit on. 

I've said it before but it bears repeating: God bless these Bills Mafia maniacs. These Barbarians, who wear the title with pride. If they didn't exist, we would've had to invent them. This country needs better/funny/sexier Super Bowl ads to be sure. But a much more pressing need is for more people like them. Hilarious, unpretentious, self-deprecating lunatics who have carved out their own unique identity by simply enjoying enjoying themselves as they pass through this vale of tears we call life. Instead of worrying about feeling victimized by an imported vegetable. 

As a matter of fact, the only victim in his might be the vegetable industry itself, who might have just blown a fuckton of money on an ad for a product they can't sell:

Buffalo News - Mexico has acknowledged that the U.S. government has suspended all imports of Mexican avocados after a U.S. plant safety inspector in Mexico received a threat. 

The surprise suspension was confirmed late Saturday on the eve of the Super Bowl, the biggest sales opportunity of the year for Mexican avocado growers. …

The U.S. government suspended all imports of Mexican avocados “until further notice” after a U.S. plant safety inspector in Mexico received a threatening message, Mexico’s Agriculture Department said in a statement.

That's a damned shame for all involved. Any corporate interest clever enough to have come up with that ad deserves better. But maybe it's just the karma that comes from suggesting Bills Mafia will tip over a Port-o-Potty with someone in it. They're Barbarians, yes, but they're not Eagles fans. Be better, Avocados From Mexico.