Not To Overreact But Coach Cal Showed Up On 'Billions' This Weekend And Delivered The Greatest Acting Performance Of Our Lifetime

I don't mean to overreact, but this should win every award that the LCB boys hand out. I don't trust the lame 'media' to handle it correctly. What other coach can go on a show and recruit? None. That's John Calipari for ya. The man goes on Billions and talks about how many guys he has in the league and how many dudes he sent to the league. You can't teach that. Calipari was given the gift of recruiting and coaching. Frankly, I'd like to thank him for that. He could coach anywhere instead he coaches the greatest program in America. 

I don't blame Ben for telling Wags he'd play for this man. Who wouldn't? Everything he does is for the team, the team, the team. Recruiting on Billions, reminding the world what he can do all while turning this team into a top-3 team this year. Hard to argue with him! He'll never get the respect he deserves, but I'm here to help him out. I'm here to tell him that the fact he's doing it with transfers, shooting and spreading teams out with 3 guards is a welcome sign. It shows that Cal isn't completely set in his ways. 

PS: Of course he's donating the fake $200,000 to charity because Cal is a good guy. Great guy even. Now give him all the awards and let him focus on March.