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Rams Safety Taylor Rapp Wins The Super Bowl And Pulls Off An All-Time Cocky Night By Proposing To His Girlfriend While On The Field

Taylor Rapp is a safety for the Rams. It doesn't really matter because he's not a name you know. But he won a Super Bowl ring, that's a fact. What did he do? He doubled down on all-time sex. You know how you one-up proposal sex? Super Bowl champion sex while proposing. Simply a smart decision. I can promise you she's having a better time than my wife who said yes to this fine blogger in front of the Ohio River. That's love, folks. 

I always have so many questions about this shit. Did this guy plant the ring with a family member and said I'm only going to propose if we win or was there an audible. Feel like you need to have something set up here. I don't know, I just speak as a regular ass dude. When I proposed I was nervous as shit. Had to pull over to pee in the middle of an hour drive. An hour! That's basically the halftime show here. I couldn't imagine having a ring and a Super Bowl game plan to worry about. 

Congrats to the happy couple. Good luck beating winning a Super Bowl and getting engaged. Hell of a Sunday.