Van Jefferson Won The Super Bowl And Then Rushed To The Hospital Because His Wife Went Into Labor Mid-Game


What a fucking day! Van Jefferson just played in the Super Bowl, had 4 grabs, won the Lombardi, and then rushed to the hospital because his wife left halfway through the game to give birth to his child. That's gotta be the most peak-life shit I've ever heard. You reach the apex of your professional career and then welcome the miracle of life into the world all in the same day? Outrageous. A good day for me is I get out of bed before noon, talk out loud to another person in real life, and remember to brush my teeth before falling asleep high on an edible. That's a solid day for ol' Barstool Nate. Van Jefferson might have me slightly beat. Maybe. Not sure. Impossible to say. But he might be having the best damn day ever.