The Avalanche Players Sent Their Asst. Equipment Manager To The Super Bowl Because He's Such A Giant Bengals Fan

What an awesome gesture by the Avalanche players right here. Assistant equipment manager Don White is a die-hard, lifelong Bengals fan (God bless him) that wears team gear nearly every day. So the guys pitched in to get him Super Bowl tickets, a flight to LA, and a hotel. His boss let him miss Sunday's game in Dallas so that he could go. 

In the clip below, Whitey was given the game puck after the Bengals advanced to the Super Bowl and you can hear players giving the "Who dey?" shout and can tell how much they like him.

Unfortunately, the Bengals couldn't take advantage of numerous chances to put the game out of reach and let the Rams hang around too long. But it takes nothing away from what the players did for their guy. Like I've mentioned before on Spittin' Chiclets, equipment managers and assistant equipment managers are the grease in the gears of the NHL engine. Unheralded yet essential, the league simply doesn't function without this small but tight crew. Hopefully Whitey gets another crack at it.