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Wake Up From A Super Bowl Hangover With Al Bundy's Greatest Insults

Today fuckin sucks. 

No matter which way you cut it. 9,999 out of every 1,000 people in this country watch the Super Bowl and responsibly indulge in adult beverages, eat outrageous amounts of cheat day food, and lose their next mortgage payment on the game. 

Waking up today feels like the day after New Years, or Labor Day Monday. There is no reason we should be expected to perform up to our best standards.

Having to show up at work, take the kids to school, and/or deal with the bullshit of a normal Monday is cruel and unusual punishment.

The first candidate to run on "giving the American public a national holiday on Super Bowl Monday" wins in a landslide. Book it.

To help make things easier here's a highlight reel of great American Al Bundy's greatest insults.