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The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Lit As Fuck

Well the Super Bowl 56 Halftime Show lived up to the hype somehow.

What has been one of the most anticipated performances in history delivered. Not something easily done in 2022.

The show began with Dr. Dre sitting at a mixing board looking up at what transformed into the SoFi Stadium crowd.

He passed it off quickly to Snoop who nailed his entire opening verse from "Next Episode" without swearing once which is incredible.

Snoop handed it back to Dre who segued from "Next Episode" into his first verse from "California Love" and the party got turned up a big notch.

Then the first surprise of the night, an appearance from 50 Cent, took place.

50 showed up hanging upside down in a wife-beater and headband, an ode to his famous "In Da Club" video and recited his first verse.

Curtis looks like he's been eating well.

Mary J Blige then appeared, breaking into "No More Drama" and the show seemed to come to a screeching halt. It was honestly the only part of the show where I thought, "uh oh, it's losing steam."

But then Kendrick Lamar appeared with a clan of Eminem-looking marching clones adorned in "Dre Day" sashes.

And went from "M.A.D. City" into "We Gon Be Aright"

Kendrick stood atop a birds-eye view map of Compton and his childhood house.

The score then segued into the "Forgot About Dre" hook sung by a hidden Eminem.

Eminem appeared, rising from behind a building, as the guitar from "Lose Yourself" kicked in.

Watch this and try not to get chills

Eminem appeared from an exploding building top with his trademark hoodie over his hat. And these BLAZING hot custom edition Jordan 3's

Seeing Anderson Paak on the drums was another sweet bonus.

Dre sat down at the piano and delivered a subtle nod to 2Pac’s “I ain’t mad at cha” before breaking in to "Still. D.R.E."

It is insane how hard this song still bangs. Such a simple, unmistakably fire beat.

As Coley just blogged, Eminem was on one knee the entire part of Dre's final part. Something I didn't even notice, and thought was just out of respect to his mentor and the man who plucked him from obscurity and turned him into one of the biggest names in the world.

But the NFL being capable of turning the smallest thing into a huge deal executed flawlessly here and tried to deny Marshall Fucking Mathers and thinking they could tell him what to do.

Best Super Bowl halftime show of all time until Goodell pulls his nuts out of his vagina and asks Guns n Roses to perform.

The haters and olds complaining that rap music sucks and there was no diversity can shut the fuck up and take the L.

Don't worry, next year Goodell will most likely go back to something vanilla like Imagine Dragons to compensate.

Hats off to Dr. Dre for having the foresight to approach the NFL with this proposal upon hearing LA was hosting the Super Bowl. An offer even Ginger Satan would be an absolute moron to turn down.

And props to him for coordinating such an awesome set- packing in all of the talent, and all of the songs that he did.

That's why he's the Doctor.

p.s. - Evan McPhereson being able to take this in was awesome.

p.p.s. - it is wild that Snoop Dogg has gone from "Murder Was The Case"

To the biggest stage in the world, a household name beloved by pretty much everybody, and having a freaking show with Martha Stewart.