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OBJ Surprised The Watts Youth Football Program With Super Bowl Tickets

Rams Wire - Odell Beckham Jr. has really embraced Los Angeles in the last three months since signing with the Rams in November. Not only has he helped the team on the field, but he’s been very engaging with fans.

The Rams shared a video on Saturday of Beckham sharing a big surprise with the Watts Rams youth football team, which the L.A. Rams have taken under their wing. Beckham let them know that he has about 19 tickets for them to go to the Super Bowl, where they’ll be able to watch the Rams take on the Bengals for a championship.


The player shared his admiration for Beckham in what was a touching moment, letting the star receiver know how much he idolizes him.

“I want to tell you how much, like, I idolize you because, like, you are great. You’re great on and off the field,” the player said.

OBJ catches a lot of shit on the internet and around here. For good reasons most the time.

But he deserves some serious props for this move.

I caught this story on a local LA newscast this morning and they showed the kids decked out in Rams jerseys headed to the game today and they were on cloud 9. 

It's great seeing athletes give back in ways like this that literally make people's lives. This is the kind of stuff that should be celebrated. 

Hope these kids have a blast.