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Matthew Stafford Bailed on Kylie Jenner's Party to Watch Saturday Golf

If you've ever had to be a chaperone at a kid's birthday party, you know it's the absolute worst. The stress of "oh please don't break something" is relentless. And for some reason kids just love sprinting past all of expensive shit with reckless abandon. It's like there a giant expensive magnet just bringing them within an inch of it every time they round a corner. To have to watch three of them at Kylie Jenner's house where everything costs more than my life would send me into a full blown panic attack. 

Clearly, Matthew Stafford wanted none of that. Would you rather be stressed out while trying to have distracted small talk with the most famous people in the world? Or would you rather kick your feet up and doze off watching Saturday golf? It's golf every time and it's not even close. 

Catch the full interview with Kelly Stafford here. I guarantee you leave rooting for the Rams.