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A St. Thomas (Real Division I School) Student Drills A Half Court Shot And Wins The Ultimate Prize ... A Hat. One Single Hat.


I'm not in the belief that you should get some ridiculous prize for hitting a halfcourt shot. But a hat? That's like $12 and can get that with Tommie Bucks - what I assume St. Thomas calls their student money. Again, we're talking about the St. Thomas Tommies here. A real Division I school even! You can't be giving away singular hats for hitting half court shots. Have you seen clips of people struggling from that shot? You think it's easy? Think again. 

A hat is a worthy gift if you only hit the layup in the make a layup, free throw, three point, half court shot challenge. Granted, it's a pretty sick hat. I'm a fan of that look. But again, it's $12. You gotta give out something a little nicer. At least toss in a 1/4 zip and a hoodie. Maybe at least a $50 gift card. People go crazy for $50 gift cards. 

Now an obligatory video because this is all I ever think about when I see stories like this.