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Pete Davidson Is Now The Majority Owner Of Kanye West's Brain

A toast is in order! Congratulations to new homeowner Pete Davidson! We all know how difficult the real estate market is, and to find such a spacious, archival dwelling as Kanye West's Brain to take up residence is paramount, yet unattainable for most buyers. The best part? There was NO money involved! All it cost Pete was having ONE girlfriend! Sure, he's tried his hand in real estate before, sharing an apartment in the infamous Zaha Hadid building on The High Line in New York City with Ariana Grande, but ever since Pete has begun his new journey in life with Kim Kardashian, he needed to find somewhere he could really call "home." Thanks to these now deleted instagrams, we've gotten a sneak peak into what Pete's got in store for the place. 

First order of business - throw a housewarming party! Thankfully we've gotten another glimpse into Voldemort Pete's Davidson's life, with this leaked photo of the invite list. Kim Kardashian, Kid Cudi, Billie Eilish and TAYLOR SWIFT! It's sure to be a star studded affair…but wait…what's this? Kanye himself, Drake, Julia Fox, Travis Scott and Future seem to be planning some kind of feature film that will be played upon entry? Wow, how thoughtful of the previous owner to make this transition as seamless and welcoming as possible. Congratulations to Pete, I can't wait to see what else he does with the place.