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A Woman Called The Cops When Her 80-Year Old Mother Didn’t Text Her Worlde Score; Turns Out She Was Being Held Hostage

I don’t see the overcompensating ass crossword puzzle saving anyone from certain death like this. Sudoku would probably help the guy tie you to a chair and beat you with a pillowcase full of doorknobs. Wordle, 2022’s “It’s Hip To Be Square,” is out here doing the Lord’s work saving one life at a time without breaking a sweat. Those green, yellow and grey squares didn’t get texted to this daughter by a certain time and that was enough for her to assume her mother was face down, dead in a ditch somewhere. If they were a family of crossword freaks she wouldn’t have expected any sort of communication until much later in the day, allowing for this home intruder to get away with God knows what. But nope, not today. Another bad guy off the streets and another family brought closer than ever before thanks to the all-powerful Wordle. Batman could never.