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Stylebender Couldn't Believe His Eyes When He Saw Booker T At The UFC 271 Post-Fight Presser

Just when I thought I was calling it a night, tucked in and ready to fall asleep - I scrolled my timeline once more to find this hilarious clip from Israel Adesanya's post-fight press conference, where he spots Booker T among the media (as Booker now hosts a radio show in Houston) and marks the fuck out. Izzy hit the whole "FIVE TIME - FIVE TIME - FIVE TIME - FIVE TIME - FIVE TIME" in front of the whole media before bursting out in laughter and showing some respect to the two-time WWE Hall of Famer.

Adesanya's been a fan for a while, too - I remember him doing a Spinerooni at open workouts years ago - so this was probably legitimately cool for him....

I'm pretty sure that our friend and resident My Mom's Basement comic book expert Jose Youngs was the one asking Stylebender question in this clip too! He's gonna be back on the podcast very soon to break down who the hell Moon Knight is for us....


Oh, and Dana White clarified the whole Joe Rogan thing and said that Joe pulled himself from working the card tonight….

I assume Joe just thought this current controversy would draw the attention away from the fighters too much. Tough to say whether or not his absence caused MORE of a distraction, however….


I'm sure we'll hear Joe's explanation and side of the story soon enough.

Here's a couple more great clips from the post-fight presser, courtesy of Tai Tuivasa….

Goodnight everybody.