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Dante Bichette Quit His Job With The Blue Jays Just So He Could Work With His Son Bo While The Lockout Continues

(I know the tweet said Dante Bichette Jr. resigned, but she corrected herself in a later tweet, it's Dante Bichette.) 

This is the ridiculous lengths that the MLB lockout has gone to. Dante Bichette was a coach and advisor in with Blue Jays system, he probably had a mixed bag of tasks with this role, but since Bo is on the 40-man roster he's not allowed to have any contact with team personnel or use any of the facilities. Since his dad falls under the cloud of "team personnel" he was unable to talk or work with him. I get it's the rules, but what a joke this is. So how did Dante and Bo get around it? Dante resigned from his position with the Blue Jays.  

Now he's free to do any type of work with Bo as he looks forward to the 2022 season. I'm not quite sure the exact punishment that the Jays would have faced if Dante had stayed on as a special assistant and spoken or talked with Bo, probably some sort of fine. But let's be real, Dante and Bo 100% have talked during this lockout, it's for sure happened. It's hilarious that the MLB lockout has gotten to this level where families "aren't allowed to have communication" or work together. Dante taking the position with the Jays probably only happened because Bo was in the organization, so it may not mean much to him if he resigned, as long as he can work and train with his son he's good. Over family is bigger than the sport so it's hard to fault a guy for actually wanting to be able to talk and work with his son who just happens to be one of the best shortstops in baseball. Have to applaud the move from Dante, he's not going to let Manfred tell him he can't talk to his son or help him with his swing. 

PS. I bet kids nowadays don't even know Dante Bichette was a baseball player, and a damn good one. Guy hit BOMBS.