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Exactly One (1) Person Showed Up To Dodgers Stadium To Protest The Universal DH

Rock on dude. A peaceful protest is the best way to get your point across, and believe me, this guy got his point across. LA is the sports capital of the world this week, so what better place to let everyone know you really, really hate the universal DH? Make your sign, put it on a piece of wood and head on down to Dodger Stadium where there is no crowd and let them know your feelings. This guy had no issue standing all by himself to let the world know he wants to see pitchers hit. And honestly I respect the move. He was this fired up on a Friday afternoon that he wiped his schedule, cancelled all his appointments, took off work and marched up and down the sidewalk with his sign that lets the world know he opposes the DH. The sign cuts right to the chase too, "DEATH TO THE DH", that may be a bit extreme bud. But if we're being honest, Dodgers fans should want the DH. They have a stacked roster with a ton of hitters, wouldn't you want one of them at the plate over Walker Buehler? In the end, I love this Kyle Mooney lookalike because this man hates the DH more than I hate anything in my life, credit to him for going out and trying to make a difference in the baseball world.