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The 'Bored' Security Guard Who Was Fired On His 1st Day For Drawing Eyes On a Faceless Painting Worth Over $800k Says He Was Peer Pressured By a Group Of Teenage Girls

Daily Mail

The identity of the infamous 'bored' security guard who "destroyed" an $800k painting this week has been revealed. He's also explained what was going on in the moment to cause him to doodle some eyeballs on the faceless piece of "art." I couldn't be more on his side. 

'To be honest, I didn't really like these pictures [at the exhibition],' he said. 

A thought that any normal person would have if they came across the painting. I mean the thing flat out stinks and needed some changes. If that's going for $800k then we need to give some other artists a chance.

Now would the normal average Joe take it a step further and have the balls to edit the art on site? Well, if you hear the rest of the story you might have...

'I watched how people reacted, and then I saw teenagers, 16 or 17, standing and discussing why there are no eyes, no mouth, and no beauty.

'There were girls in the group, and they asked me: "Draw on the eyes, you work here".' Vasiliev claimed that he believed the paintings were the work of the young people. He continued: 'I asked them: "Are these your works?" They replied: "Yes". 'They gave me a pen. I drew the eyes. I thought it was just their children's drawings.' 

There might not be a more intimidating group of people in this world than a pack of teenage girls. They are vicious and downright mean when on the same page.  These instigators saw this poor, innocent security guard and knew they could mess with him for the joy of themselves. They even tricked him they were the artists! Straight up villain behavior you'd see in a movie. He said afterwards the painting looked like it was done by a child, so the teenagers being the creators was completely plausible. I believe the man. He's the victim here!

If I'm the judge there's no way I'm finding the security guard guilty. Could have happened to anyone as far as I see it. Let him go and live in peace. If we're going to punish someone it should be the rabid pack of teenagers.