Wheel Of Fortune "Just So Happened" To Have Three $100,000 Winners In A Row Last Week

WOWWWWWWWW. So this is what Wheel of Fortune has become these days, huh? I get that the internet and streaming services have put network TV into a figure four leglock that is probably crippling ratings along with Trebek no longer being around to give people an excuse to watch right around dinner time. But that is some flat out chicanery taking place. Yeah I just used chicanery on Barstool. Be cool about it.

It's hard enough for three contestants to win the Wheel bonus round in a week, let alone three consecutive days. But for them ALL of them to win the 100k grand prize with the last tweet @'ing a news outlet is almost insulting to our intelligence. Pat Sajak says everything is on the up and up.

But that's EXACTLY what someone who is fixing games to get viewers back on their gameshow would say. 

Then again, maybe this goes above even Sajak. Anybody who has ever watched Wheel of Fortune knows how much that little man enjoys twisting the knife into contestants after revealing the prize they just lost in the bonus round. Seeing these people win 100 grand probably hurts him more than anybody. This could go to the top of the org chart for whoever runs Wheel of Fortune who probably saw the numbers that Big Brain James and all the other supernerds did when they had their runs on Jeopardy then tried to do the same for Wheel. I won't make any concrete allegations but I want the Powers That Be at Wheel of Fortune to know that I'm watching them (figuratively not literally because watching Wheel of Fortune after Jeopardy is like eating a fast food burger after eating filet mignon). Welcome to the Sus List, motherfuckers.

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