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Adele Got TURNT Up At A London Strip Last Night. Pole Dancing, Stripping Down To Her Knickers, Drunk Crying, And The Whole Shabang

Daily Mail - Drunk Adele was left sobbing after overindulging in drinks at a gay bar on Thursday night, where she stripped down to her bra, pole-danced on stage in front of topless dancers, fell over and addressed the BRIT Award controversy. 

The I Drink Wine singer, 33, was watching G-A-Y's Porn Idol event at Heaven in London from a VIP box after turning up at the back door of the club just after midnight to party with a large group of friends, to the surprise of management.

The worse for wear singer, who said she had given up drinking in October 2021, was seen in tears as fans cheered for her, leaning down from her VIP area to ask a group of revellers on the dancefloor 'How does everyone know it's me?' 

How does everybody know it's you babe? 

Because since Whitney Houston passed away (R.I.P.) you have arguably the greatest voice of any human being living on this planet. You're an international superstar. And you're in your own backyard. It's not like you hopped on stage at a strip club in North Dakota full of horned-up oil frackers who wouldn't know who Adele was, or care, because they just wanna see some ass and titties after a hard day's work. 

Hours earlier, the star had put on a very civilized performance in a pre-recording for The Graham Norton Show, where she revealed that she wants to have a baby with her boyfriend Rich Paul and continued to fuel rumors that the couple are engaged. 

During her boozy night out the superstar decided to get involved with the action, dashing down from her VIP box to storm the stage where she performed a pole dance as topless dancers looked on in shock.

Adele, who is back home in London following her triple win at Tuesday's BRIT Awards, was filmed by clubgoers as she danced in a £3280 Fendi suit with her pals and sang along to It's Raining Men.  

Once on stage the star told the cheering audience that her designer shirt had ripped and joked: 'I've been wetting myself'. 

RuPaul's Drag Race UK star Cheryl Hole was hosting the event and shared snaps with Adele on Instagram in the early hours of Friday.  

A video shared by a fan shows Adele asking to have 'the final say so' in the stripping contest as Cheryl tells her 'you can have the final say, you're fking adele and I'm little old Cheryl.' 

The drunk singer is then seen asking Cheryl to hold together her shirt as she says 'I've been wetting myself, my shirt ripped apart.' 

Giphy Images.

Talk about turning on an entire room of sexed-up maniacs. Those words will make any human horny. Don't care if you're male, female, non-binary, gay, or straight. 

Adele eventually picks a winner after stumbling around the stage, addressing the BRIT Awards controversy from two days previously as she told the shocked topless competitor: 'I'm going to go with my girl! I know I've had a lot of st the last couple of days.' 

'You were great but… we love females, fking females don't we. Yes I pick her, I can see you're fking beautiful, fking lovely, fking confident with all these men around. We love being fking females don't we. 

'Fking love being females'. Cheryl asks Adele if she can sing a song on her next TV special, after the star previously invited her best pal Alan Carr on stage with her.  

'Yes 100% Congratulations my lovely, you are lovely I can see it in your eyes. You are lovely. Females all round baby!'  


So here's the deal. 

The Brit Awards were the other night. Basically England's Grammy's. HUGE deal. Mainly because music is still somewhat pure over there compared to the commercialized, corporatized bullshit here. 

It was an even bigger deal this year because Britain's Music Coalition did away with the "male" and "female" categories and made these awards "gender-neutral"…


So Adele cleaned up, obviously, and won Artist Of The Year. 

And in her acceptance speech, she thanked everybody, and then declared she "loved being a woman."

Giphy Images.

Yah. Normally not a big deal, but given this years woke circumstances, needless to say people were not happy.

And she's been getting CRUSHED by all the usual suspects.

Not to mention, a lot of the music purists are fuckin pissed because they feel she won because of her name, and not on merit. And that she ultimately stole the award from Sam Fender.

Who's Sam Fender?

He's the fucking man. If you don't know his name. Get familiar.


So yah, it's been a rough fuckin week for our girl.

Let her live.

If she wants to get bombed and let loose a little who the fuck cares?

It's good every once in a while to get so fucked up you act a fool, let the girls breathe (dump em out), and make an ass out of yourself as long as you're not hurting anybody. 

Look at this.

The fact there are people with their cameras out filming every second of this? Loser-city. 

But good for Adele.

p.s. - couldn't agree more


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