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Watch: Shaun White Delivers Super Emotional Speech After Last Ever Olympic Run

Source - ZHANGJIAKOU, China, Feb 11 (Reuters) - American snowboarding legend Shaun White broke down in tears after his last ever competitive run at the Beijing Olympics on Friday, saying he was grateful to be leaving behind a legacy for the next generation of professional riders.

White's name has been synonymous with the sport ever since he first dropped in on an Olympic halfpipe 16 years ago and won gold at the age of 19.

Now 35, White has come far from his younger competition-obsessed days when fans nicknamed him the "flying tomato" for his long red locks.

The Video:

How fucking cool is that? Even if you're not a fan of the sport, you can appreciate what Shaun White has done for it. He's the most decorated Olympic snowboarder of all time and easily the most respected. He's medaled 23 times in the X Games across multiple sports and has done it with a smile on his face. He's the Tony Hawk of snowboarding- someone that every young rider aspires to be. Here's a clip his competition giving him a standing ovation right after his final run...

And here's the run itself

Even though it wasn't his strongest it doesn't matter. It represents the end of an era. Will anyone be able to fill his shoes? No, of course not. He has left an immeasurable mark on not only snowboarding, but extreme sports as a whole. He also had one of the most epic interview lines of all time but that's neither here nor there…

The GOAT is retired. Thanks for the memories, Shaun. Can't wait to see what you do next.