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Sandbaggers Rule The World And Are Used As Analytics To Win Money (Responsibly)

Any truthful person would agree that Thursday night was a huge success. The EBR crew made a ton of dough with the Pink Whitney shots bets. While casually sweeping the board and the drop of the latest Sandbagger I have had a Christmas glow on all day.   The Spittin' Chiclets Crew dropped an all-time Sandbagger last night and you do not want to miss it.  The favorite highlight is the fact that Biz, an amateur golf specialist, still believes in the soul of the game and was rattled by the carts going everywhere with Teddy and Gomez just letting him have it. Those two guys are retired so we haven't figured out a way to bet on them tonight, but there are two Sandbagger alumni hitting the ice tonight.

Sandbagger Alumni status is revered around the world (maybe an overstatement) and when a player gets on the course they know pressure. Now even more pressure as the EBR and Chiclets Crew need them to perform so everyone has more cash for that late-night pizza.

Andrew Copp  (JETS)- You may remember this guy being the player biz thought was an AHLer before the sandbagger. Well, he was dead wrong as the rest of the hockey world knows that he is a top 2 line player on any team in the league.  12 goals and 16 assists through 43 games are more than Biz had in his 202 NHL game career. You wanna talk shots? No not the Pink Whitney ones that he and Werenski were doing all match, but that Copp has 121 through 43 games, 2.81 per game for all you non-math majors out there.

The Action:

Copp Over .5 point -106

Copp Over 2.5 shots -134

Trevor Zegras (DUCKS)- His performance in the Sandbagger is about the only thing he has not dominated all year long. I guess it is true the Sandbagger shows who can really handle the pressure. Part of 2 ridiculous goals in the season that went viral but just to make sure everyone knows his name is what he did at the all-star game. This was just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen on skates. The stat check is 12 goals and 20 assists in 42 games that have him rightfully so in the Calder Trophy conversation.  Shots? Only ones are on the ice and his 97 in 42 games averages out to 2.3 but in the game tonight against Seattle, that will be wide open after the Ducks long layoff, he will cash over 2.5.  

The Action:

Zegras Over .5 point -155

Zegras Over 2.5 shots -155

Yes fine, these two stars were picked because they have the badge of honor of playing in a Sandbagger and having the stats to back up these bets but they are born in the USA baby. The USA vs Canada game tonight is huge. Bragging rights to any person from either country is on the line.  Let's hit these bets enjoy the NHL slate and then we’ll turn focus to that game!!

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