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A Frontier Flight Couldn't Take Off In Cleveland Because A Bengals Fan Got Too Drunk, Started Arguing About The Super Bowl And Was Arrested

(Video in the link above) 

[Fox8] - The Frontier Airlines jetliner was waiting to depart for Phoenix when witnesses said two passengers exchanged words about the Cincinnati Bengals being in the Super Bowl. A Frontier employee intervened and told one of the men he had too much to drink.

The witnesses said it appeared the man was being escorted off of the plane, when he lunged at the employee.

As the unruly passenger was being escorted off the plane, he told other passengers, “I was a Bengals fan, I was the only Bengals fan. I’m not a bad person, bro, I drank a little too much, and one guy back there had a problem that I was drinking too much.”

I know what everyone is thinking. Least shocking thing possible is this is a Frontier flight. But here's what this report is lacking. What was the Super Bowl argument? Bengals fans are on high alert this week. They are stressed and not happy if people say something negative about them. Maybe another person started saying the Rams were going to win. Maybe they said the Bengals stink. Maybe they even attacked Joe Burrow. All very important details that are being left out to see what started the fight. 

I will say this might be the most honest dude in the world. He's not a bad person, I agree with him. He drank a little too much. Someone had a problem he was drinking too much. Who amongst us hasn't had a little too much to drink? You try holding back having one too many before a flight from Cleveland to Arizona in February while your team is in the Super Bowl. Impossible. Simply impossible. 

I actually think we need to applaud this man a bit more for being so honest. Maybe go light on the arresting. He's not a bad person, bro! Great line, something I will 100% use when my wife is yelling at me about whatever I fuck up. I will say the 'I was a Bengals fan, I was the only Bengals fan.' Yeah, I'm lost on that. Was he the only Bengals fan on the flight? That would make sense since it's out of Cleveland. You don't just expect the Battle for Ohio to rest easy this time of the year. 

Never change, Frontier. Never change.