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CJ Uzomah Promises To Take A Bath In Skyline Chili If The Bengals Win The Super Bowl (BONUS: Power Ranking Best Food Baths)

Yeah, I mean, this checks out. I'm sure numerous people in Cincinnati will take a Skyline bath if the Bengals win this thing on Sunday. We saw people already shotgunning cans of Skyline Chili, next step is taking a bath in it. Now, I know everyone can't take a bath with Big Cat, but CJ Uzomah promising that is now a contract. If the Bengals win, he needs to end up in a bath tub with Big Cat and Skyline. This is the beauty of PMT though and why they are always must listen. A few days before the Super Bowl and one of the vocal leaders of the Bengals is out here dropping nuggets about their podcast and of course it's a Skyline bath. 

It got me thinking about two things though. First, what sort of Skyline bath do you go with? You can't throw coneys in there, that would be gross. Some pasta will just stick with you. You gotta go with the standard Skyline dip and just get it dumped on you like a Gatorade bath. Preferably it's at least lukewarm too. Gotta think a cold Skyline bath is the worst kind of Skyline bath. 

And second, what are the 5 best kind of food baths? This is my list. 

5. Au jus bath

4. A Chicago beef bath

3. Alfredo Sauce Bath

2. Chicken Noodle Bath

1. Gatorade Bath

Pretty easy honestly. 4 spots are simple thinking. At least lukewarm, more liquid material. Also not bad tasting to get it in your mouth, which is really the key here. And finally Gatorade bath, because, football, duh. Feel confident in that list though. 

Circling this back to Skyline, the go-to order is simple. It's the combo of 3 coneys, habanero cheese and hot sauce, fries with habanero cheese and a Dr. Pepper. That's the order. Avoid the pasta, 3 coneys is the right amount and treat yourself to some habanero cheese. It's delicious. Now if CJ isn't careful I'm going to end up cheering for the Bengals just to see this happen.