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Glenny Balls 7th Official Only Fans Power Rankings Of The Week

Week 7, people. We have returned for week 7 after what happened to be our biggest bump in the road possible in our last edition last week. I will not say exactly what it was, though I'm fairly positive it isn't too hard to figure out due it being on the boss man's show this past week. The answer lies within here if you want to try to figure it out.


There are simply no excuses & all we over here at Glenny Balls enterprises can say is we will strive to be better in week 7 of the Only Fans Power Rankings. Survive & Advance. Onto the show.

#5 Lily Rose

Ok everyone you're just gonna have to trust me on this one. Our friend Lily's instagram is private & her twitter has been suspended so there's quite literally no way for me to pink a photo into here but I can guarantee to you she is VERY easy on the eyes. Some would even say directly up my alley due to a few of her features. Nobody likes a little blonde action more than this guy and that's what we're working with here. Frankly she's just about as beautiful as beautiful gets so the $13.80 subscription price is well worth it. Not to mention there's 400+ pieces of content for you to enjoy right as you enter into the promised land. 

#4 Haleigh Cox

So we’ve seen Ms. Cox before on these rankings…The first ever rankings in a matter of fact! She’s an all-time favorite of mine & frankly the HEAT she’s been posting has more than warranted another appearance. I, for one, am actually shocked at what’s been posted on there and it’s made for a whirlwind ride. If what we normally see on there is say a 4-5 what she’s putting up now is easily an 8-9. Nothing short of IMMACULATE. We still stan our queen Haleigh. Oh and did I mention she's currently doing a $3 Subscription Valentine's Day special? I know a deal when I see one. Bargain shopper some would even say. Enjoy.


#3 Genesis Lopez

We got an absolute MONSTER over here with Genesis Lopez and her 4.9 million followers…for those keeping track at home that's only 100k away from 5 fucking MILLION! Don't quote me on this, but through 7 weeks of these blogs I think Genesis may be the most followed person I've put in these things. I mean she's even got more than Sierra Skye…Sierra Skye! Good for her & frankly when you're that popular the $11 subscription price is well-warranted. And on top of that I can confirm this isn't one of those instagram models that's just posting her instagram pics right back to Only Fans. There sure is some premo stuff on there that we all should be taking a peak at.

#2 Courtney Tailor

And here we have our first free subscription of the week! The free subscriptions are the BEST because you can't complain even if it's bad because you are, quite literally, losing nothing by subscribing. That, my friends, is what we call a win/win situation here in the Only Fans business. Yet I'm happy to report that Ms. Tailor here goes the whole 9 yards so once you're in there for the free subscription are you gonna maybe have to pay more for the good stuff? Goes without saying. Is it worth? It sure is. I'm more than confident in saying that enough to make her the silver medalist for the week.


#1 Paulie & Mathilde Tantot

I mean…

JUST when I say Genesis Lopez has the most IG followers we've covered on here I have to go and make the Tantot Twins the #1 ranking of the week with their 5.9 million & 10.2 million followers…respectively! Now they both have separate Instagrams & separate OnlyFans yet they're one of the same. You can't have Mathilde without Paulie & you can't have Pauline without Mathilde. It would be unethical to do anything other than that. And if that's not good enough both of their OnlyFans is the hefty price of 0 dollars. That's 2 for the price of NONE. Enjoy & Happy Friday. Once again…TWINS!


And be sure to check out Mush the Line next Thursday February 17th as we'll be having Mati Marronni from Week 1's in-studio as a guest to get the full lowdown on the day-to-day of an OF model! Should be very exciting!