"Eat A Bag Of Dicks" - Hardo Hockey Dad Makes A Valid Point While Getting Kicked Out Of Game

Let me tell you something right now. They ain't playin' tennis. Not even close to tennis, actually. So if you have a problem with anything this man said, then you have a problem with the truth. You have a problem with cold hard factual information. And considering he was telling the truth when he said they ain't playing tennis--well I then have no reason to believe that he wasn't also telling the truth when he suggested this referee should consume an unspecified amount of cocks. Dude seems like a straight shooter to me and I'm an innocent-until-proven-guilty kinda guy. 

Now how many dicks go into said bag? And what are the sizes of the dicks? Is it a medium bag with large dicks? A large bag filled with a ton of small dicks? It's an important distinction here that is crucial to diagnosing the tone. I think if he were telling the ref to eat a bunch of little bite sized dicks, almost like something you'd get out of a vending machine, well then there's nothing wrong with that. Perhaps telling the ref to scarf down a few 10 inch veiny triumphant bastards would cross some sort of a line. But we'll never really know because that hockey mom was too stuck up to let him explain himself. 


"Nice language in front of our boys!" Uhhhhhh hey, Karen. Looks to me like those kids are at least 14-15 years old. Chances are they've been saying shit in the locker room wayyyy worse than "eat a bag of dicks" for years now. We might be a little past the point of the language police here. 

Moral of the story is that they ain't playing tennis. They never were, and they never will. Facts are facts. Now let's get this fella and our guy Paul together for a few cold drinks together.