Dude On Clemson Straight Up Forgets He's Playing Basketball, Delivers One Of The Dirtiest Fouls You'll See

You know shit is bad when I can't even spin this against Duke. That's how dirty this play is. Dude chased Wendell Moore down like a linebacker in some shitty PG football movie. Had zero intention of doing anything but committing a disgusting foul. Crazy thing is I don't even remember a foul like this at the high major Division I level. This is some men's league, pissed off inside sales rep play you see when you're like 26. There's basically one unwritten rule in basketball. If a dude is in the air, you don't hit them below like the thigh. You don't take their legs out because a fall like this happen. Pretty sure it's a written rule not to lower your shoulder and directly send Wendell Moore's neck to the core of the Earth. Collins was ejected, I'm sure we'll hear more after the game.