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Yes, I Know I'm Unathletic: Recapping An Eventful Day By The Water in Santa Monica

Following Tuesday's shenanigans and a few other scheduling issues, Billy Football and I were finally able to head down to Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier to check out the scene together. 


Our initial intentions were to have an official workout at Muscle Beach, but that area was closed (assuming due to COVID). Luckily, there was still some equipment available off to the side, and Billy put me to work. It was time to break the sweat with up-downs, something that I clearly do not have much experience in. Here is how we started off:

I tried climbing up a rope afterwards, and it is important to note that the key word in this sentence is… tried.

We wrapped up the session with some rows and some dips, and if we are going to talk moral victories here, I think my rowing technique is better than everything else I did. That's not saying much, but I believe that it is true. I'll let you decide:


I mean, look at this… simply determined to get in as many reps as possible without something bad happening. 

After Billy put me to work, we decided to rent a two-person scooter to take from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica pier. 

During our scoot, two things of note took place. First off, Billy and I were interviewed by the local news to give our thoughts on the crime taking place in the Los Angeles area. I recommended a "buddy system," while Billy said that people should pick their spots when it comes to wearing expensive jewelry out in public. 


And then out of nowhere, Billy screams, "THAT'S COACH O!" I turned my head, and there he was. You can see him from a distance at the 7:30 mark of our livestream:

We screamed his name and said hello, but didn't want to intrude, especially given that we were in the middle of a livestream. Big Cat says whether that was the right move or not is up for review, but either way, it was a wild encounter. 

That wrapped our day by the water, which ended up being a lot of fun. You truly never know what is going to happen when Billy and I go on adventure. Whether it is Grit Week or Super Bowl Week, it's always fun to bond with your podcast brother. Until next time…

UPDATE: The video of our local news appearance has been released, and it is… interesting: