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Photoshops, Rumors Of Big Trades And Anger For Nothing - Life On Deadline Day As A Knicks Fan Remains Same As It Ever Was

You know what? I missed this feeling. The feeling of hearing we were in the mix for CJ and Brunson or maybe De'Aaron Fox. Rumors of potentially trading Nerlens Noel, Evan Fournier, Cam Reddish or Alec Burks. All for this to be the Woj tweet we got today. 

Welp, life is back to normal. This was every Knicks trade deadline for as long as I can remember. Plus side is we didn't take on a shitty contract or player! That's a step in the right direction. But ultimately nothing was done. That's a little depressing. I was never in the camp that some major, major move was going to be done. Biggest move was potentially getting CJ or the far-fetched dream of Fox. Thought maybe Leon would catch the Kings at the right time and offer them the finest New York deli meat and cheeses for him. Seemed to work in the past with the Kings.  

It's not a secret that something has to be done with this team. They are in a weird spot. They have young players with promise, they aren't ready to compete for a title, still need a star and have pieces that could be traded. Clem and I texted about it today because Cali Clem is en route back to New York. We both were in the same boat. Not expecting much, a smaller move that would help the core of the team. Instead it's nothing. We couldn't even get a leak that Luka doesn't like Jalen Brunson. Maybe that's how that trade goes down. 

Now if someone can tell Thibs to stop playing RJ Barrett late in blowouts and give Cam some minutes that'd be great. Little steps with this franchise.