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A Billion Dollar Idea For TVs

-I don’t see the need for a “text me when you land” when someone goes on a flight in today’s day and age because if something goes south, I’ll find out about it. That would certainly be front page news. As long as I don’t see a news story about a massive plane crash, I’m just gonna assume you landed safely. 

-Typically, when someone is bad at receiving compliments, it’s because they always deny it and are like “Oh no, that’s not true. You’re too kind.” But I’m bad at receiving compliments, not because I deny it, but because I accept it and then one up with my own compliment to myself. If someone says “Tommy you have nice eyes” I’ll say “Oh I know. They’re amazing. Have you gotten a good look at him? A beautiful green.” Or “Tommy you’re a pretty good actor.” “No I’m a great actor. I was actually the star of all my plays and will probably star in a movie one day.” So I like getting compliments, but just know I’m going to one up you. 

-We should work on technology that somehow keeps a TV screen always in your line of sight. Let me explain. When I’m laying on my back in bed, I see my TV perfectly. But if I want to lay on my side, I can’t see the TV well anymore. Same thing goes for couches, recliners, etc. I’d love for there to somehow be a way that keeps the image from the TV screen moving around the room so that it’s always in my line of sight and I can watch TV from any position I please. I unfortunately feel like this might be impossible. 

-You should be able to remove yourself from someone else’s close friends list on Instagram. Or it should at least be a mutual decision because there’s too many times where someone will add me to their close friends list and I’ll think “We are certainly not close friends.” In some cases we’ve never even met. To just call us close friends is really making quite an assumption.

-I think one job I’d be really good at is deciding when commercials should get inserted into movies when they’re playing on TV. There’s so many times where the movie just abruptly goes to commercial and it’s very awkward. I, however, would know the perfect spots for those breaks. 

-A fun game to play is getting into a cab and immediately pretending like you’re on the show “Cash Cab” when you’re very clearly not on the show Cash Cab. Just get really excited and be like “Oh my god! I’ve always wanted to be on this show! What’s the first question? Give me the first question!” The driver will be very confused, but no matter how much he insists you’re definitely 100% not on the show Cash Cab, you can never break character. Now you may ask, why do this? I don’t have an answer other than it would just be funny. 

Thank you for your time.