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MARIO SOCCER IS BACK! Mario Super Strikers Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch On June 10th


Mario Super Strikers is one of the best Gamecube games of all time and Mario Soccer never misses. I couldn't be more excited for this to drop! In college, my boys and I had a Gamecube and we'd rip Super Strikers all night during the week. Loser takes a shot, pays for pizza, you know how it goes. Mario Strikers: Battle League is scheduled to drop June 10th.

Also, I just want it on the record that I tried as hard as I possibly could to pronounce "Mario" the correct way. 

For the most part, Nintendo fans were let down by the Nintendo direct, but for the average gamer having Mario Strikers and Nintendo Switch Sports dropping later this year are big wins. Most of the Nintendo fans felt let down with no Breath Of The Wild 2 Announcement. I don't blame them because the game was so widely loved, but give Nintendo time and they'll drop BOTW2 and it'll be a banger.

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