Jersey Jerry Giggling While Trying VR For The First Time Is The Most Wholesome Video You'll See Today

It's the giggles for me...

Jersey Jerry is such a pure soul, so watching him try VR for the first time was truly a privilege and an honor. He enjoyed the Oculus so much that immediately after playing it, he went on Amazon and purchased his own. Afterwards, throughout the entire day yesterday, he kept peaking his head back into the Gametime studio to see if he could get another VR sesh. Safe to say, I think Barstool has another gamer on their hands...

I've been experiencing the VR world lately and it's so wildly immersive that it's tough to explain. I'm currently too afraid to get my own for my apartment because I'll never leave the VR world. I'm 99% sure that multiple Black Mirror episodes warned us about this...

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Anyways, I wanna give a huge shoutout to Gaz for supplying the Gametime team with the Oculus 2! In the clip above, we're trying to see how blue collar Barstool Sports is by having them test their hand in an Auto Mechanic Simulator. To kick us off, I know I needed to get the bluest collar in the office, aka Jersey Jerry. He'll be a main staple when Barstool Plays returns next Friday on the Gametime YouTube channel!

We filmed a bunch of personalities yesterday in HQ and will be filming more next week. The Barstool Plays series will be your favorite personalities testing their hand in different games. After the positive feedback from everyone we recorded yesterday, it's safe to say we'll be on a VR kick for quite some time. So next Friday, the return of Barstool Plays will be posted!

Let me know which VR games (or any games) you'd like to see us play!