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Rob Manfred Spoke To The Media Today About The Status of the CBA Negotiations And Did What He Does Best: Lie To Everyone

Julio Aguilar. Getty Images.

Rob Manclown met with the press today to spew his bullshit and further poison our brains. It's remarkable a man of his incompetence and fraudulent nature is continually allowed to hold such a powerful position in one of the four major sports America has to offer. 

To no surprise Manfred went up there and dropped some quotes that were unfathomably dumb. He kinda is the gift that keeps giving in that sense, but that gift gives you a terminal disease which eats away at your soul. Let's dive in!

Many expected the clown to get up there and announce that spring training is going to be delayed as negotiations for the new CBA have gotten nowhere. I mean it's February 10th and coaches cannot legally communicate with their players. How is spring training starting on time? 

Well, never mind. Now do me a favor and don't take this as optimism. The owners have "bravely" prepared a proposal to the players that will be delivered on Saturday, which is when the two sides are scheduled to meet next for negotiations. I would guess that proposal will be garbage and thus rejected by the players. Manfred will then announce spring training is delayed and say it's on the players. See guys, we made the offer and they said no, clearly they're the bad guys who don't want to play. It's all just posturing bullshit to pin it on the other side. 

Now to the next level of bullshit Manfred had to offer…

I want the room to know that Manfred and the owners initiated the lockout to "speed up the process" in early December. They waited 40+ days from that point to contact the players and get things started again. Since discussions have restarted last month, the owners have made all of TWO offers to the players. They even lied about a potential offer that was coming!

But don't worry guys, they're doing everything they can

In those two offers by the way, the owners have made almost zero concessions to the players while the other side has come down on their desires. The owners are refusing to play ball and are simply not negotiating. I'm sure the proposal on Saturday will be delightful. Don't worry guys, Manfred said it's a good proposal. He's a straight shooter who has never led us astray once. 

This next part made me laugh out loud

Manfred actually goes to sleep at night thinking he's the best in the world at his job. That is remarkable. I kinda respect how preposterous that quote is. 

Oh wait…

He misspoke during his 10 minute presser. The guy doesn't even know his own sides' proposal! He works for the owners and doesn't know what they want! Don't worry though, he's the right man for the job, according to him. 

Manfred also said owning a baseball team is a risky investment and that the return would be better for an S&P 500 company on the stock market. This is the same MLB where teams' revenues have skyrocketed while players' salaries have relatively stayed the same over the years. Yeah that thought was almost immediately disproven in hilarious fashion. 

Manfred is out here Trying to make owners appear like heroes for having the burden of checks notes owning a professional baseball team. Are MLB owners braver than the troops? Hard to say. I'm sure the players are going to love that one by Rob. 

So what's next here? Well we've got this proposal coming Saturday that will surely be a load of dog shit. Manfred says they need 4 weeks of spring training before the season can start which puts March 3rd as a deadline for a normal start. You also have to sort out all the free agency/offseason remaining which will take at least a week if not two. I You need about 5-6 weeks once a deal is struck for Opening Day to happen in my mind. Will we get a deal done here in the next 2 weeks? I don't see how unless the owners decide to actually negotiate in good faith. This all sucks. The only hope we have is that this bumbling idiot said spring training was getting delayed before Manfred spoke today.

Bob is inevitable. 

P.S. No surprise here but the universal DH will go into motion whenever the 2022 season gets going. That was always going to happen. Bartolo Colon hit a home run and it was awesome, but we don't need to see hitters get walked to load the bases with two outs to face the reliever. No more, thank god.