Next Level Thinking: Myles Turner Is Using Trade Rumors And TikTok To Try And Land A Date With Dipika Dutt

[Post] - As the NBA trade deadline approaches at 3 p.m. ET on Thursday, the Pacers star is wagering a date over social media with a woman who wants him to be dealt to the Lakers.

Turner and Dipika Dutt, a gamer and social media influencer, have been exchanging messages through TikTok after he asked her to “come to dinner” with him in a comment.

In a followup video, which appears to have been deleted, Turner involved his Pacers teammate Malcolm Brogdon.

When a TikTok user suggested that Dutt needs to make Turner “work” for the date, Turner asked Brogdon in the clip, “How does 15 [thousand likes] sound?”


I'm not going to sit here and tell you I fully understand who Dipika Dutt is. I'm not even entirely sure how to use TikTok. But I do know this is next level thinking. Myles Turner has been in trade rumors for what feels like a good 2-3 years now. This day isn't new to him, even with the Pacers moving Sabonis. He's focused on one thing though. Getting a date with Dipika Dutt. 

She wants him on the Lakers. He doesn't seem to care about playing there. Tough to blame him. Would you want to be part of this circus right now? 

No, instead he's worried about getting his numbers up. He wants likes and social media stuff. Arguably the worst part of the Internet today, but great for content. I'm never going to begrudge someone for finding a unique way to land a date. To each their own. Guess times have changed since I was single and it was nervously sweating over a text message or stumbling around a bar floor. Good times. Good times all around. 

I'm sure it's all fake anyways. I'm sure they are doing this to both get likes. The game is the game. But trade deadline day is handled differently. You could be like the Sixers and cancel practice: 

Or you could be Myles Turner and try to land a date. Either/or really. Fuck man, I miss the 90s.