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Las Vegas Bartender Gets Robbed At Gunpoint For $3,000, Bosses Make The Bartender Pay Back The Money


A Las Vegas bartender was robbed at gunpoint and then forced to repay his company the stolen money, according to a lawsuit filed by the employee.

Edward Parker was working at the Lodge Hualapai early Dec. 4, 2020, when a gunman entered, ordered him "to kneel on the ground and put his hands behind his head while the armed assailant took all the money that was at the bar," according to a Clark County civil complaint filed last week.

Edward Parker.Courtesy Sam & Ash

"Edward was terrified during the ordeal and feared for his life" as the gunman got away with $3,937.35, the lawsuit says.

His bosses then presented Parker with a "repayment form" and, worried he'd be fired, he signed it, the lawsuit claims.

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I'll say this…. This lawsuit is a lot more nuanced than you think. Typically with these sort of blogs, the blogger will take the side of the "bad guy", spin some jokes, mix in some pop culture/TV/movie references/GIF, and chalk up a few minutes of work for the day. 

That's not what I'm doing here… well, not exactly. Yes, I'm constructing this blog in 5 mins before I fire up some funny YouTube videos for the rest of the day, but I will NOT take the armed burglars side in this instance. Not because it'd be the cliche or easy "blog move", but because this is just cash. Cash can be replaced, especially if you're a bar that is even just decent in Vegas. That's not the case for burglarizing everything. For $3000 in cash, it is, yes, but let me explain.

If someone walked into the Barstool Chicago office, put a gun to my face and said, "give me all your tech equipment" and Portnoy tried to get me to repay it, I'd tell him to fuck himself while hiring a high powered attorney that could tap in to this:

I'd be Scrooge McDuck seeing GREEN (there's that GIF reference!!). It'd be WhiteSoxDaveStoolSports moving forward, just like this bar should be handed over to ol' bartender here. Absolutely fucking amazing to think about. If anyone has access to a handgun and wants to stage a robbery, shoot me a DM on Twitter.

Like I said though - this isn't the case for everything. For instance, if an armed burglar walked into the office, stuck a gun in my face and said, "give me Carl", I'd hand him over in 2 shakes of a lamb's tail. Assuming Portnoy would want reparations for the loss of Carl, I'd pay up happily. I'm talking whatever Portnoy wanted, I'd pay. Can't put a price on happiness, peace or tranquility. I'd be forever indebted to both the gunman and Portnoy. 

That's the end of this blog. No, I didn't take the burglar's side… at least not completely. If he would have kidnapped some cock sucker the bartender works with, I'd bet you the bartender would be more than happy to pay up. "How much to keep him?" would be the first question the bartender would ask the burglar and his bosses. That's just how the world works