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Matty Beniers Better Hope He Doesn't Get Charged With An International War Crime For This Snipe At The Olympics

Matty Beniers. The 2nd overall pick in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. The first draft pick in Seattle Kraken franchise history. But unfortunately this stallion may never get a chance to throw on a Kraken sweater because he's going to get locked away for life after that snipe. There has to be something in the Geneva Conventions that says you can't do that. 

Left the leg, let it rip, bar down and out. That puck was 4 feet out of the net before the broadcast sound could even catch that ping. What a shot. What a beauty. What a win for the men as they get their Olympic tournament started off against China. Just a good ol' fashion shit pumping on the home team. I hope this China team gets steamrolled all tournament, and the US happily got things going today. An 8-0 win coming courtesy of a hat trick and 5 points from Harvard guy Sean Farrell 


But yeah. Matty Beniers might want to lay low for awhile. At least until he gets a lawyer present.