Respect The Hell Out Of James Harden For Trying To Break Up With The Nets By Having Other People Do It For Him On Twitter

Guys, James Harden totally doesn't want to leave the Nets. He's just unsure. This is basically the same thing as George's girlfriend having Kramer break up with George for her. 

Harden is scared to do it himself so he has Woj just tweet it out. That's a good way for no one to find out. I can't think of one single person on Twitter that follows Woj, especially around the trade deadline. It's a good way to avoid public backlash. It's not like we've been talking about James Harden wanting out of Brooklyn for the last, oh, I don't know, 10 days or so. It's a big secret! 

I don't even blame Harden for wanting out of Brooklyn. I mean it was time for him to get out of Houston, he picked Brooklyn and it's been a disaster. Injuries, Kyrie and underachieving. This isn't what Harden signed up for. So he's ready to go somewhere else. Whatever, shit happens. I just love how he's refusing to say it. Basically sending a friend over with a note like it's middle school. We all remember those days. That was an elite way to get your heart kicked in or find out if you're dating Tracey out on the recess yard. 

Speaking of breakups, the most convenient ways are for sure via text message or using someone else. No one wants to do that shit face to face. You have to look at the person and just start rambling about how you can't stand them. Actually the best way was always via AIM. You took the name out of the profile, sent them an IM. Quick and easy. Way better than coming home from a Vegas trip over Halloween only to have your then-girlfriend move out and break up with you. Not the best way to deal with a hangover. 

That's how Harden is using Woj here. As someone who has broken up with people via text and using Michael or Sean during recess to do my dirty work, I appreciate it. Respect the move and no one will ever know that Harden wants out of Brooklyn.