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Nobody Loves To Play With The Stick Between Their Legs More Than Matthew Tkachuk

Is Matthew Tkachuk addicted? Does Matthew Tkachuk have an addiction? Because it seems like every time I see this guy he's got the stick between his legs. I mean this goes back to 3 years ago when stuffed this one on the powerplay against the Islanders in February '19. 

The next season this sick puppy goes out and scored probably the deepest tweener we've ever seen. Buddy pulled up from the top of the slot to rip this one in overtime against the Preds. 

This next one was almost a full year after the first in February '20, right before the entire world shut down. But the world didn't shutdown fast enough for Aaron Dell because he still had to get dunked on by Chucky in the most vicious way possible. This was probably the least necessary tweener of them all for Tkachuk. 

Quick sidenote while we're talking about Matthew Tkachuk going between the legs against the Sharks. This obviously wasn't the same thing, but a through-the-legs apple to Johnny Hockey is still worth throwing in here. Tape to tape, baby. Extra crispy. 

Next we get to earlier this season when the Flames were already thoroughly shitpumping the Rangers 5-0. Igor Shesterkin has been one of, if not the best goalie in the league this year. Didn't change the fact that Matt The Rat was going to ruin him with this spinning tweener to make it a comfy 6-0 lead for the Flames. 

And then, of course, we had last night's tuck against Vegas. 

The proof is in the pudding. I've never really understood that phrase before because how the fuck did pudding become the authority on establishing factual information? Regardless, the proof is there. Matty Tkachuk is addicted to going between the legs. And the worst thing about it is that he's not only addicted to going between his own legs, but also he's not afraid to go between the legs of others. Case in point, his brother. 

Classic cup check. Just brothers being dudes.