Sometimes You Just Gotta Tip Your Hat To A Well Executed Troll Job

Damn you, Ben Simmons. Damn you straight to hell. Here I am just minding my own business spending hours dissecting every possible trade scenario that YOU, the ultimate asshole, are responsible for, and I get Mind Goblin'd. Hard. To each their own. Or not. But I got nothing but respect for a good ol' fashion clean troll job. See, kids, this is how you get the best of someone. And it's not just me who has fell victim to these sorts of shenanigans. Jake Marsh is still recovering from the balls dragged across his face by Image Dragons. 

Touché. Touché, indeed. These are still are pale in comparison to the absolute psycho with the fake KFC account who tricked me into looking for my baseball pants for hours shortly after Barstool moved to NYC in 2016. Still diabolical. 

Here's the article from 2016 if you wanna see when the blog was actually kinda funny

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