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I Have Cracked The LiverKing Code

If you haven't read about Liver King then let me direct you to an earlier blog. 

I think this is going to be the straightest answer we get from Liverking on the whole thing. He literally took needles filled with Maple Syrup-colored substances in order to indicate "he does not take steroids". It would be more believable if he put some of the maple syrup in his mouth in the video. He literally filled the syringes up with stuff that is the exact color of the drug many people use. Trenbolone. Trenbolone is literally originally used on cattle.

Its maple syrup colored and used widely amongst ranchers on cattle across the U.S

Trenbolone acetate (TBA) is a potent hormone—many times stronger than testosterone. It is an “androgen”—a steroidal hormone that’s sometimes used as a performance-enhancing drug by athletes. Though human use of trenbolone is illegal, discussions about it can be found on places such as online bodybuilding forums. It can also be found in the bodies of cows across America. Livestock farmers are permitted to use such hormones in the United States, and the use of several of the chemicals is “ubiquitous” among beef producers, according to the researchers. The study cites data saying hormones can reduce costs by about 7 percent, which translates to roughly $1 billion saved annually by the industry in the United States.

Guess what Liverking's main job is? He has a ranch and has cattle. He literally has tons of access to the compound that would make him jacked. Liver King is either getting the tren from injecting it into himself or…. This may be the true secret, he shoots up his cattle with so much Tren, it collects entirely into the liver, and all the liver supplements he sells is just laced with Tren. 

He may have cracked the code, maybe he is communicating that the steroids are not being injected into LiverKing but rather are in the Liver of the cattle he has been shooting up with massive amounts of steroids. The Steroids are in the bone marrow and liver of the cattle he owns and shoots up with. 

The answer is right in front of us. Primal Cattle and wild game definitely didn't have tren in them. Even if he isn't shooting up with it, IT STILL AINT PRIMAL.