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A Lot Of Women Are Leaving Their Husbands For Girlfriends

NY Post- In 2020, Theresa Rose celebrated her husband’s birthday by engaging in a threesome with another woman. But her husband’s taste for sexual adventure backfired: Just a few weeks later, she left him and filed for divorce. 

“Experiencing that intimate interaction with a woman for the first time, the physical and emotional depth was [so intense], I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is what’s been missing,’ ” Rose, 36, told The Post. (She requested to be referred to as “Rose,” which is her middle name, in order to protect her identity.)

She’s among a growing number of women leaving their husbands for other women. Many of them have been high-profile romances. Glennon Doyle wrote a best-seller, “Untamed,” about leaving her husband for women’s soccer star Abby Wambach. Former “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Braunwyn Windham-Burke, 44, came out as gay in 2020 but remains married to husband Sean Burke — while getting hot and heavy with girlfriend Victoria Brito. And socialite Debby Hymowitz set Upper East Side tongues wagging over a decade ago when she left her hedge-fund husband, Gregg, for SoulCycle instructor Stacey Griffith.

“Many women have a broader capacity for diverse forms of sexual desire — for multiple partners, for same-gender partners, etc. — than they might be aware,” Diamond, a University of Utah psychology and gender studies professor, told The Post

Where is Hoss Goldstein when you need her amiright? 

I’m sure she’d be “consoling” the husband in this situation explaining to him that humans are constantly evolving beings. And the person we married in their 20’s is mentally and emotionally unrecognizable in their 30s. Even more so in their 40s.

Some totally insensitive bullshit that does nothing but twist the knife. Trying to pass it off with “you will thank her in the end”.

Chicks man.

It ain’t easy being a guy these days. Everybody is coming for us at all times. Now we can’t even have consensual threesomes  without worrying about the unintended repercussions. 

Allow me to play devils advocate here for a minute.

Mainly because I’m on the fence regarding this whole thing.

Is this necessarily a bad thing?

Losing your girl to another girl has to hurt a hell of a lot less than losing her to a guy no?


Pride is a motherfucker and the whole ego vs. id shit fucks with our monkey brains subconsciously whether we admit it or not.

Does pride hurt as bad hearing your lady say she prefers the love (see- tongue, fingers, etc) of another women?

Honestly unsure.

Or is this actually a big win in the end?

Knowing your wife is now a certified freak who loved a threesome so much she can’t get enough pussy has to play to your advantage right?

Why aren’t these guys working out love triangles or three way relationships in their favor?

Like Sean Burke from the article above. That’s the way to play it.

I don’t want to bury myself in a hole here so I’ll stop here, but a kids during the week, dinner for 3 on Saturday nights type situation or something along those lines. You get the point.