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These 3 Elderly Friends That Have Been To Every Super Bowl With This Being Their Last Are An Inspiration To Us All

NY Post- Three friends who have attended every Super Bowl are hoping for a memorable contest this year because it will probably be their final trip to the big game as a group.

The three men are all in their 80s and have attended every game since the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game was held 55 years ago about 7 miles (11 kilometers) from this year’s venue, SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. They are meeting at the game once again this year, but future meetings are in question.

Don Crisman, a Maine resident and the eldest of the group at 85, said this is his last game. Gregory Eaton, 82, of Michigan, wants to keep attending but said his health concerns could get in the way. Even Tom Henschel, a football fanatic who spends the cold months in Florida, said Super Bowl LX in 2026 figures to be his last.

The far-flung friends use the Super Bowl to meet up, spend time together and reminisce. But in recent years they’ve come to grips with the fact it must come to an end one day, said Henschel, 80.

Alright, listen here people. I don't wanna get sappy on you guys and cry myself to sleep tonight but there genuinely are few things more important in this world than the friendships you're lucky enough to have with your friends. I'm not ashamed to admit I love some of my closest friends are closer to me than family and I'm fairly confident I'll be spending Thanksgivings at some of my friends' house 20 years down the line acting as their drunk Uncle Glen. It's gonna be awesome. Friends really are the fucking best. So this article I just came across in the New York Post damn near made me tear up alone at my desk right in front of my Henrik Lundqvist bobbleheads & expired Budweisers.

I mean how cool is this though? It's literally the real-life version of the critically-acclaimed major motion picture 'Last Vegas' starring Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, and Michael Douglas. Just a few elderly dudes still keeping up with each other after being friends their whole lives getting together for one final blowout.

And this specific one is even cooler as these guys have seen every single damn Super Bowl for the past 55 years yet this is the last time the 3 amigos will all be doing it together due to Mr. Crisman already saying this is his last go-around and Mr. Eaton saying health concerns could get in the way of future games. Yet at the end of the day all you could do is tip your cap to the friendship these fellas share & hope they have a hell of a time Sunday night. I'll be half as lucky to still have pals like this when I'm in my 80's. Alright now it's time to go cry.