Brad Pitt Is The Best 'Friends' Guest Star To Ever Do It & It's Not Particularly Close

As I was just scrolling through Twitter on this brisk Wednesday in New York City I happened to see a tweet from the main Friends account asking who the greatest guest star on their show happened to be which is a fantastic question considering the sheer mass of guest stars they had over their course of 10 seasons. So as the resident Friends stan at Barstool Sports I figured we'll quickly go through some of the best that rolled through Central Perk throughout the years because there is A LOT and many formidable contenders out there.

The first they show in that very video is none other than the Penguin himself, Danny DeVito. An absolutely electric performance as an elderly male stripper on his very last limb was very clearly unforgettable though I can't give him the top spot here. Will always respect the gang for letting him do one last dance though. Heartwarming stuff. Stamos obviously looked hot as hell yet other than that is a largely candle in the wind appearance...I bet most Friends fans forget this one even happened. 


In terms of sheer magnitude it's also clearly hard to top having Long Island's own Billy Crystal & Robin Williams sobbing on a couch over a love triangle though I needed more than the few minutes they were on for. Next up we have probably the most interesting one in Helen Hunt in character from Mad About You to expand the NBC-Verse confusing Phoebe & Ursula (who's in mad about you). Fun fact that stuff like this had happened before when Kramer appeared on Mad About You & we learned how he got his apartment. There's actually a story in which NBC wanted to do a full-blown episode with all 3 of their primetime shows but our sweet king Larry David refused to do it.

 And finally a few others that were AWESOME with a multiple-episode roles under their belt was Reese Witherspoon & Bruce Willis after he lost a bet with Matthew Perry while shooting the Whole Nine Yards. Though, in my opinion, the CLEAR greatest guest star appearance of all-time was easily Brad Pitt. He all but had a full Thanksgiving episode to himself as he played Will, a former fat who Rachel used to bully in high school & literally formed an "I hate Rachel" club with Ross! And the kicker here was how hilarious was at how much his character hated Rachel while obviously being married to Jennifer Aniston at the time. I would go as far as to say this is up there with just all-time television great appearances on TV. Fucking hilarious.