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Matt Ryan's Wife Once Let Leonardo DiCaprio Lick Deep Inside Her Ear While At a Dinner Party

On KFC Radio this week, Kelly Stafford, wife of Matthew Stafford, told the guys about a vacation she went on with her husband, Matt Ryan, and his wife Sarah Ryan. On the vacation, they all bumped into Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend at the time Nina Agdal. After hanging out all day, they started playing drinking games. On a dare from Kelly, Leo had the option to take three sips of his drink or lick Sarah Ryan's ear. Leo wasn't thirsty. He got all up in that ear while Matt Ryan sat there and watched.

If even for a second you thought about clowning Matt Ryan for this, you're a buffoon. I'm not gonna sit here and say I'd let any celebrity walk up and stick his tongue in my girl's ear. If Gilbert Gottfried pulled that, I'd punch him in the throat and drop his voice to a semi reasonable pitch. (Also if a more up to date reference did that, I'd do that to them too.) But Leo transcends all of that jealousy and rage. There are very few who do but if I had to put together a list off the top of my head of five guys who get that pass it's probably:


Brad Pitt

Tom Cruise (I'll grab him a step stool)

George Clooney

Harry Styles

Just five above the A-list stars that wouldn't hurt my pride one bit. I'd actually feel honored. 

Check out the full interview with Kelly Stafford on KFC Radio. She tells KFC and Feits about living next to Kylie Jenner, dating the backup QB in college to get back at Matthew Stafford, how the NFL wouldn't give her kids free tickets to the game, and much more.

P.S. Matt Ryan watching Leo turn into a human q-tip for his wife had to have a similar feeling to Superbowl LI right? Just watching the GOAT take control of the room and walk all over you while you sit there and watch. You hate to see it.