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The Sixers Are In The "Deal Zone" And There Ain't Shit You Can Do To Stop Daryl Morey Now

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

Like a shark smelling blood in the water, or a Frank The Tank realizing that NJ Transit is running behind schedule, there are certain moments in life when you just know that a kill is about to occur. Daryl Morey backing your team into the "Deal Zone" is no different, and that's apparently what he's done to the Brooklyn Nets at this juncture. At least according to Brian Windhorst. 


Imagine living your entire life without knowing that the Deal Zone even exists. This magical world beyond our basic understanding of time and space where Daryl Morey is omnipresent with several phones fired up at all times. And as soon as D Money has you in the Deal Zone, there's no escaping it. The only way out is to make the deal. 

Unless, of course, Brian Windhorst is full of shit. Which he very well could be. I wouldn't trust Windy as far as I could throw him. I work out from time to time, but that's still not very far. 

Either way, I'm going to choose to believe that the Deal Zone is a real place and I'm going to believe that Daryl Morey currently presides over it. And that it's only a matter of time now before James Harden is in Philadelphia and the Sixers have to change their practice facility location to Delilah's. The Nets can take back Ben Simmons, Danny Green, and their choice of either Pat's or Geno's in return. I'm so fucking sick of that B-roll shot during national broadcasts games so hopefully getting one of them out of here will get that shot out of our lives. 

Do the deal tomorrow and let's just treat Thursday like a bonus Friday.