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Nothing Is Spicier Than Doing It While The Couple Next To You Is Doing It Too

We're talking about fighting here, you heathens. 

Marcus Foligno has been in the league for quite some time. And during all those years in the league, he's had more than his fair share of fights. But the thing about that is every once in a while, you need to change things up a bit to make sure it's not getting stale. Spice it up a bit, just to keep things interesting. Marcus Foligno probably feels like he still has a lot of good fighting years left in him, and he wouldn't want to waste those years just because he got bored with it. 

So last night after taking a big hit from Brenden Dillon, Jordan Greenway immediately jumped in to toss some fists in Dillon's general direction. But Marcus Foligno isn't a guy who typically needs his teammates to step in and fight his battles for him, so he jumps right in there as well. Greenway has his guy, so Foligno just grabs the nearest willing combatant. Then the 4 of them start to go to town like a bunch of banshees. Clearly it gets the people going. And it might have gotten Marcus Foligno going a little too much, because later in the game he decided to go at it with Lowry again. 

Only this time he ends up kneeing Lowry in the head after the fight is over. Wires are fully crossed. 

Yeah….not great! 

I love a good, spirited tilt just as much as the next guy. Especially in a heated divisional game. But you can't go around kneeing guys in the head unless you're looking to make a healthy donation to the Department of Player Safety.