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Dancing On Logos, A Perfect Court Storm And A Shirtless Muss Partying. In Other Words ... DOWN GOES NO. 1 AUBURN

Everything about this is perfect. It's why I blogged that college basketball fucking rules today. 

Bud Walton lived up to the hype because the game lived up to the hype. I keep saying it but Bud Walton is the forgotten about craziest home court in America. It's unreal and Muss has it going. But back to this game - listen, I know Auburn didn't have Zeb Jasper - they were due for a loss. They were playing with fire the last few games and it felt like a loss was coming. Arkansas is also one of the hottest teams in the country. That's how you end up with this sort of game. Arkansas was actually up double digits in the first half and it felt like they'd comfortably win it. Then we get overtime. 

That's a perfect court storm too. Why? Well not only was it rightfully executed but it saved Auburn's Wendell Green from a suspension. Go back and watch his reaction again. Dude is ready to fight the entire state of Arkansas because of how that dunk went. He happened to get intercepted by the court storm and it saved him/Auburn from a scrap. 

Shit, you even had a shirtless Muss partying because that man will blast some bare chest whenever he can. Love the move by Muss, especially since he's made that his go to. He doesn't care about a torn rotator cuff. That man is going to take his shirt off after a big win. It's what Muss does. He turns programs around and he celebrates shirtless. 

This sport is just the best man. The absolute best. 

PS: JD Notae was fucking unreal tonight. Jabari Smith is the No. 1 pick but Notae might have been the best player on the court for this specific game.