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Big J Day: Recap From An Afternoon At Super Bowl LVI Radio Row in Los Angeles

I woke up on Tuesday morning with a plan to head down to Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier with my colleague, Billy Football. Big Cat, PFT, Hank, and Liam were off to an interview, so Billy and I were going to head out and create some content of our own. 

The one thing that I should have realized before locking in these plans was that it wasn't Billy Football who I was collaborating with, it was Wild Bill.

So, the plans changed to throw on my suit and head to Radio Row at the Los Angeles Convention Center and check out the scene there. As I was heading out, Billy woke up and decided to tag along as my cameraman for this journey. We eventually got to the edge of the Radio Row entrance, and I opened a curtain. On the other side of it? A bunch of fellow Syracuse alums, with Northwestern, and a bunch of other schools sprinkled in between in their natural settings:


Security got to Billy, so he did not make it in with me. Whether or not I had a laminated index card around my neck at the event, I belonged at Radio Row. It's a place filled with people who I grew up watching and listening to and helped shape my goal to eventually become a broadcaster. It took a few minutes to figure out the vibe of the event, and I went live on Twitter to share what was going on…

After taking a lap around the Convention Center, I stumbled across a bunch of familiar faces, including a group of current Syracuse students who are in LA for the week doing their radio show every day (shoutout WAER and Z89). There was also a crew representing WSBU, the St. Bonaventure student radio station. It was great to hop on their show as well for an interview…


There were some fellow journalists who we at Pardon My Take and the Barstool Bench Mob have some history with…

And eventually, it was time to head back to the hotel for some more PMT interviews. Going to Radio Row was an awesome experience, whether I was officially supposed to be there or not. Hopefully I'll get a chance to be credentialed the next time around, or hey, even be back to call the big game. That's shooting for the stars, but never say never.