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A.J. Brown Has A Picture Perfect Swing And Would Hit 40 Homers If He Played In The Bigs

You know baseball is in a bad spot when NFL stars tweeting out their swings is the best publicity the sport has gotten in months. I talked about A.J. Brown flirting with double dipping into the bigs a few days back, and now he's out here showing us the goods. If you thought he was kidding you can guess again, because he's out here showing us that he can still smoke some balls. That swing right there is a 40 homer swing. Brown could step into MLB right meow and may go 40/40. Look how smooth that bad boy is. It's a major league swing and you can't really debate it. That swing would hit third for the Orioles right now. And I know he's in a batting cage in a garage or something, but that sound is loud. That isn't the swing of a wide receiver, it's definitely doesn't have the sound of a wide receiver swinging a bat either. He's mashing bombs to the power alleys too. That first ball he hit was torched. I'd love to see it on one of those 3D simulators to see how far it was going. 420 to the power alley easy.

The Padres still own his draft rights so of course they took notice. IF there's a spring training he should get an invite like Russel Wilson used to. I'm also looking forward to the 17 U travel coach giving Brown tips for his swing, wonder what he thinks about this swing compared to Trout's? The bat speed is there, the sound it there, the swing is there. Man is that a pretty swing. Nice to see he's not rusty after all those years. Just goes to show those top athletes can literally pick up any sport at any time and look like a natural.

This video also promoted Lamar Jackson to hit up the Orioles and said to give him 2 weeks and he could be in baseball shape. O's need all the help they can get so why not?