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All Showers Should Have A Digital Thermometer So You Can Get The Perfect Temperature Every Single Time


This is something that has been eating away at me for years, literally years, and I haven't been able to put it into words until right now. It was sort of a perfect storm- First I saw an RG3 Instagram post about how he wants to fuck his wife in the shower as seen above. Respect, Robert, respect. And then no more than 4 days later I took a shower with the perfect water temperature. I remember being in the shower and just staring at the at the shower…knob, (Handle? Not even sure what to call it, which speaks to how archaic we are for using it.) hoping to memorize exactly where it was turned to. I almost took out my compass and protractor to do some Pythagorean Theorem shit hoping something from 7th grade would flash back to help me in this situation. I mean it was the PERFECT temperature, a feeling I've had maybe 2 other times in my life. And I got to thinking, why do we live like this? Why do we just estimate how far to turn that dial every single time? There has got to be a better way. Hence the RG3 Instagram. Voila, there is a better way! And you don't even have to fuck your wife to get it! 

So this raises the question- we control everything else by a digital touch screen, why are showers 20 years behind? Can it really be that hard to make that the norm so we can have a perfect shower every time? Remember when they made all the poor people throw out their old televisions because they were tired of making TV shows look shitty? Let's do that for showers. Phase out the old school knobs and get into the 21st Century. I feel like I adjust my shower 5 different times while in there and rarely feel like any of it was the right temp. But there is a way to make sure it's perfect every time and you NEVER see it and that frustrates me to death. 

When you think about, bathroom technology has gone the wrong way. We have these toilets now with 2 buttons on the top to flush, but they never told us how the fuck those work. Not a memo, not a press release, nothin. Honestly I feel there should have at least been a congressional hearing for the 2 button toilet before they sprung it on us unexpectedly, it's the least they could do. So while we reject these new toilets, I can't think of 1 reason we wouldn't all rally around my plan to make all showers digital. Honestly you could be the ghost of Joe Biden but if that's your platform you're winning the election without fake votes.

I hope before I die we see these showers become more commonplace. I know when I buy my own house (lololol, cute idea Eric) I will demand my shower have one of these. Be the change you want to see in the world. Some people want world peace, I just want a perfect water temperature while cleaning myself and the occasional JO. I don't think that's too much to ask.




PS: Here's RG3's IG post. He's a great follow.